Thursday, June 30, 2011


by Tsewang Gyalpo Arya
Illustration: Ugyen
Paljor Publications, New Delhi
ISBN:81-86230-50-5 / Rs.60/-

The book received nomination to the SCBWI's 2011 Crystal Kite Members Choice Award from Asia category. A popular Tibetan folk tale beautifully presented with illustrations. It is a Tibetan way of teaching the children through folk tales that it is not a matter of size and strength; you need brain to conquer your enemies. Even brute force has to bend before the wise and intelligent.

Rabbit is often depicted in Tibetan folk stories as a small, but intelligent. He fights for the justice and againts bullies in the jungle. The story here tells us how Rabbit through his wit conquers Pon-Tiger, the bully. But Rabbit is also known for his mischief, and it is said because of his mischief, he became shoto, cleft lip. The story tells us one of the many versions of cleft lip theory. For the first time the children will see this popular Tibetan fable in pictures.

The book is bilingual, in Tibetan and English. You can read more about Rabbit's adventure in another book "Clever Rabbit Adventures" by the same author.

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