Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nyichoe Zangpo: Aku Tonpa in Nedhong

by Kalsang Khedup
Translated by Sangye Tendar Naga & TG Arya,
Illustration: Sodhon

Nyichoe Zangpo is said to be another name of Aku-Tonpa, a famous character in Tibetan folklores. Here the story revolves around how the Governor of Nedhong province, who is very oppressive and miser is being outwitted by Nyichoe Zangpo. Though a commoner, through his wit he challenges and outsmarts the governor. There are eight amusing episodes in the book, each will evoke good surprise and laughter.

Paljlor / ISBN:81-86230-21-1 Rs.95/-

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